2014 Award Season is Here!

Annual Awards and Top 20 Photographers for 2014!

We will announce the Top 20 Photographers of 2014 Awards in mid-January 2014 for each Pixoto category.  Here are the details:

  • As so many have requested, this year the Top Photographers will be selected from the highest point earners for each category in 2014.
  • Winners will receive a special badge prominently placed on their profile page.
  • Categories that have less than 1000 images will not be included.
  • We will publicize through a press-release, direct email, social media, a banner in the sidebar and through a dedicated section of the site accessible from the header.

Schedule for awards is as follows:

15-Jan Thu Transportation
 16-Jan Fri Typography
17-Jan Sat Nudes & Boudoir
18-Jan Sun
19-Jan Mon People
20-Jan Tue Animals – Dogs; Animals – Cats
21-Jan Wed Weekly Awards
22-Jan Thu Instagram & Mobile; Novices Only
23-Jan Fri Illustration
24-Jan Sat News & Events
25-Jan Sun Food & Drink; Abstract
26-Jan Mon Animals
27-Jan Tue City, Street & Park
28-Jan Wed Weekly Awards
29-Jan Thu Artistic Objects
30-Jan Fri Sports & Fitness
31-Jan Sat Drawing
01-Feb Sun Nature Up Close
02-Feb Mon Digital Art; Wedding
03-Feb Tue Buildings & Architecture
04-Feb Wed Weekly Awards
05-Feb Thu Flowers
06-Feb Fri Painting
07-Feb Sat Public Holidays
08-Feb Sun Black & White
09-Feb Mon Babies & Children
10-Feb Tues Landscapes

Don’t have $6.5 Million for Peter Lik’s “Phantom” – we’ve got you covered

We were all astounded by the news that Peter Lik’s “Phantom”, a black and white photo of Antelope Valley in Arizona, sold for a record $6.5 million.  We applaud Mr. Lik for this monumental feat and for the credibility it brings to photography as an art form.  For the rest of us who don’t happen to have $6.5 million lying around but would like to have the pleasure of viewing Antelope Canyon on a daily basis our fellow Pixoto members have the answer.  Here are 3 exceptional takes on the iconic location – and there’s still time to order amazing canvas prints for the holidays!

“Navajo Ghost” by David Long  [BUY]

“Lady in the Wind” by Stephen Berry  [BUY]

Light Dance by Flavio Mini  [BUY]

There are hundreds more for sale in our art shop!

NEW: Submit Images to Pixoto without Categorizing

It’s now easier than ever to submit photos to Pixoto because you don’t have to spend hours using tedious drop downs to get them in the right categories and subcategories.  Now you can just click publish immediately after uploading and your images will automatically be added to the “Uncategorized” category and submitted for voting.  This is a great way to get a quick read on what Pixoto voters think of your images.  It’s also a great way to upload a large catalog of images to make them available in the Pixoto market.  All of your embedded titles and keywords will be automatically added to your images as usual.

We love having all of the images on Pixoto categorized.  It makes it easy to find the photography that you’re interested in and we believe that the voting is more accurate that way.  That said the single biggest obstacle for people to upload photos is the amount of time it takes to type, categorize and subcategorize each one.  Furthermore successful mutli-subject categories like Black & White have shown us that we can get great photographic diversity and bring amazing photos to the top of the leaderboard in mixed subject categories.

Pixoto moderators will go through the best of the Uncategorized images and assign search terms/keywords so that they will appear in the correct stock and art shop searches.

Uncategorized images will get paused a bit earlier than categorized images and they won’t get the extra votes assigned to images submitted by PRO members.  We believe it is likely that the overall quality of Uncategorized images will be lower than that of more carefully considered submissions.  As such we don’t want to end up with ImageDuel getting flooded with thousands of poor quality images and degrading the voting experience.  Our goal is to make sure that poor quality images get paused as soon as possible.  We’ll monitor this and will make any changes necessary to keep voting on Pixoto fun and interesting.

For more information on the Uncategorized category see Category Descriptions

So what are you waiting for? Go through your back catalog, choose a few hundred (or thousand) images and try them out.  You may find some crowd pleasing gems you didn’t even know you had.

Happy Shooting!

Top 20 Photographers of 2013

NOTE: Due to technical issues with our ISP we have had to change the award schedule. 

Are you one of the Top 20 Photographers in the World for 2013?

We will announce the Top 20 Photographers of 2013 Awards in mid-January 2014 for each Pixoto category.  Here are the details:

  • The winners of the awards will be based on the average ImageScore of your best 10 images submitted in the category during 2013.
  • You must have submitted 10 images to a category to qualify.  We want to make sure the Top Photographers have consistently great images – not just a few lucky shots.
  • Winners will receive a special badge prominently placed on their profile page and an embeddable widget for their personal websites.
  • We will publicize through a press-release, direct email, social media, a banner in the sidebar and through a dedicated section of the site accessible from the header.
  • We are not using Pixoto Points for this purpose because they tend to favor early adopters and we want everybody to be on a level playing field.

Note: Categories that have less than 750 total participants do not receive The Photographer of the year awards.

Schedule for awards is as follows:

11-Jan Sat News & Events
13-Jan Mon Monthly
14-Jan Tue
15-Jan Wed Weekly
16-Jan Thu Babies & Children; Abstract
17-Jan Fri Holidays
18-Jan Sat Illustration and Design; Traditional; Captioned Photos
19-Jan Sun City,  Street & Park
20-Jan Mon Animals
21-Jan Tue Animals – Dogs; Animals – Cats
22-Jan Wed Weekly
23-Jan Thu People
24-Jan Fri
25-Jan Sat
26-Jan Sun
27-Jan Mon Artistic Objects
28-Jan Tue Instagram & Mobile; Digital Art; Nudes and Boudoir
29-Jan Wed Weekly
30-Jan Thu Transportation; Novices Only; Professional People
31-Jan Fri Travel Locations
1-Feb Sat Wedding
2-Feb Sun Buildings & Architecture
3-Feb Mon Nature Up Close
4-Feb Tues Food & Drink; Sports & Fitness; Products & Objects
5-Feb Wed Weekly
6-Feb Thurs Landscapes

New Weekly Challenge System

We’re now putting all of our weekly challenges through our new system.  All challenges (open/voting/awarded) can be found at Pixoto Photo Challenges.

Weekly Challenge #70 – WINNERS

To see all of the entries:  Foul Weather.

#1: Sushmita Sadhukhan – Milwaukee, WI, US

#2: Ben Steiner – Roy, UT, US

#3: Doug Clement – Victoria, BC, CA

#4: Arindam Chakrabarty – Kolkata, WB, IN

#5: Olivier Tabary – Castelnau-le-Lez, Languedoc-Roussillon, FR

#6: Cristobal Garciaferro Rubio – Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, PUE, MX

#7: Andrey Dayen – Kiev, Kyiv city, UA

#8: Mia Ikonen – Kuopio, , FI

#9: Jashper Delloroso – Singapore, , SG

#10: Nikola Medjugorac – Cape Town, WC, ZA

Weekly Challenge #69 – WINNERS

To see all of the entries:  Cold Drinks.

#1: Sathish Kumar Soundarajan – Chennai, TN, IN

#2: Photographyby Tanja – Durban, NL, ZA

#3: Dipali S – Grand Rapids, MI, US

#4: Angelito Cortez – Arar, Northern Borders Province, SA

#5: Roger Armstrong – Cleburne, TX, US

#6: Pete G. Flores – Riyadh, Riyadh Province, SA

#7: Krishna Murti – Semarang, JT, ID

#8: Djuro Bosnic – BNS, Vojvodina, RS

#9: Nikola Medjugorac – Cape Town, WC, ZA

#10: David Mitlewski – Munich, BY, DE

Weekly Challenge 70: Foul Weather

This week’s challenge is to share with us your best images of foul weather. From rainstorms, lightening, hail and snow to wind and stormy seas, share your best foul weather images.


“Foul Weather”

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Saturday, August 31st at Midnight GMT
WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT: Wednesday, September 4th

To enter:

  1. Take a photograph of foul weather.
  2. Submit it under: Landscapes – Weather
  3. Select “Add to Market” when submitting the photo
  4. Tag the image with: PWCfoulweather

Submit your Entries Now

Preview This Weeks Entries


  • Top Entry will win a year of Pixoto Pro + an 11×14 Canvas Print of their winning image (US members only)
  • Winners will get Award Badges, 1000 Points plus 1,000 credits for future image submission
  • A blog post will highlight the winners
  • The opportunity to make some money off of stock sales in the future


  • The photo must be an image with a clearly identifiable theme of “Foul Weather” and fit into the Landscapes – Weather category.
  • The photo must be added to the Pixoto Market
  • Improperly categorized images will be re-categorized and disqualified
  • Image quality (through ImageDuel) will determine the winner. In other words… the better image will determine the winner not the better concept.
  • Enter as many images as you like – only highest scoring one will be chosen for top 10 winners.
  • Images must be submitted/resubmitted during the week
  • Images must be tagged “PWCfoulweather”
  • You may resubmit an image already on Pixoto, but please be aware that ImageScore, awards and points for the image will be reset upon resubmission
  • Duplicates of previously uploaded, and not deleted, Pixoto submissions will be removed.
  • Due to the popularity of weekly challenges, we do not review qualification requirements for images with an ImageScore of less than 500
  • Be true to the category: Images in the wrong category will be recategorized and disqualified.
  • Entries that do not comply with the above rules will be disqualified (a PWCfoulweather-dq will be placed on the image).

Weekly Challenge #68 – WINNERS

To see all of the entries:  Bridges.

#1: Mark Anthony Bansag – Bangkok, , TH

#2: Charliemagne Unggay – Hat Yai, Songkhla, TH

#3: João Ferreira – Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, AE

#4: Hartono Hosea – Jakarta Capital Region, Jakarta Capital Region, ID

#5: Perry Firmandira – Jakarta Capital Region, Jakarta Capital Region, ID

#6: Beeback AlterEgo Biba – Brežice, Brežice, SI

#7: Sefanya Dirgagunarsa – Jakarta Capital Region, Jakarta Capital Region, ID

#8: Irwansyah St – Batam, Riau, ID

#9: Hairi Mansur – Bayan lepas, 07, MY

#10: Mahdi Hussainmiya – BSB, Brunei-Muara, BN

Weekly Challenge #67 – WINNERS

To see all of the entries:  Vegetable Garden.

#1: Jasenka Lukša – Zagreb, Zagreb, HR

#2: Angelito Cortez – Arar, Northern Borders Province, SA

#3: Olga Charny – Boston, MA, US

#4: Djuro Bosnic – BNS, Vojvodina, RS

#5: Jennifer Tsang – Athens, GA, US

#6: Tomislav Šestak – Varaždin, Varaždin County, HR

#7: Mohammad Khairizal Afendy – Kodiang, Kedah, MY

#8: Nicolas Los Baños – Hilo, HI, US

#9: Diana Margan – Chicago, IL, US

#10: Pete G. Flores – Riyadh, Riyadh Province, SA