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Uncategorized (NEW)

Do you have hundreds or thousands of images you want to submit to Pixoto but don’t have the time to categorize them all?  Images can now be published without categorization simply by clicking on the “Publish” button on the button of the submit screen or on the “Submit Uncategorized” button on the external images interface as well as the mobile app.  This is great for getting a quick read of how your images compare without spending the time categorizing every image.  That said, uncategorized images don’t behave the same way as other images on Pixoto in these way:

  • Must be photos or digital art (no illustration, design or traditional art)
  • Are not eligible for cash prizes
  • Are not eligible for points
  • Are not eligible for the guaranteed 100 votes PRO
  • Are paused sooner
  • Are scored so that they are at a disadvantage to categorized images in the leaderboard
  • Are submitted as editorial only (Pixoto moderators will make the best market images available as commercial stock)
  • Cannot be resubmitted to Uncategorized
  • Duplicates/Very similar images are discouraged but are NOT moderated
  • Nudity is not allowed in Uncategorized category

Illustration and Design

Nudity is allowed in Illustration and design but it must be marked “mature content”.

Rules for Webs & Apps and Logos categories: In these categories it is allowed to use photography as element in final image, but not as a background. Any photography, or other image components, used in designs must have been created by you. Text can be incorporated into final image, but only as design element, not as identifiable feature (watermark).

Specific rule for Webs & Apps: Any photography, or other image components, used in designs must have been created by you OR you must have a valid content license.  The Pixoto Marketplace is a great place to find content. You must also have been given permission from your client to display any work owned by other parties.

Specific rule for Illustration category only: illustration images submitted must be the exclusive work of the Pixoto Member. If your “illustration” includes a photo then it should be placed in Photography/Digital Art and not Illustration.

Illustrationillustrations created using computer software (illustrator, Photoshop, etc). Subcategories include:Sci Fi & Fantasy; People; Business; Products & Objects; Flowers & Nature; Places; Animals; Cartoons & Characters; Abstract & Patterns; Food & Drinks; Buildings; Holiday

LogosCorporate, non-profit or personal logo designs.

Typography – Designs containing letters, words and sentences. In this category you may use photography in the final image as element or as a background. Any photography, or other image components, used in the designs must have been created by you. Text can be incorporated into final image, but only as design element, not as identifiable feature (watermark). In order for image to be in Typography, it has to LOOK like the text was added to the photo. You may not use your name, username or the name of your business, in the design. Subcategories: Single Letters; Words; Quotes & Sentences; Captioned Photos

Web & AppsThis category is for designs of websites and applications (including mobile phone apps). Subcategories include:Widgets, Pages, UI, Icons, App Icons

Traditional art

Submissions in this content type must be a photo or a scan of a physical piece of art created by the contributing member. No other content is allowed in the image (i.e. frames, stands, people, etc) – it must be the Art only.  Nudity is allowed but it must be marked “mature content”.  Photograph that is digitally altered to look like painting or drawing belong in Digital art category. Categories include: Painting and Drawing.


Open Categories 

Not eligible for prizes.

Instagram & Mobile – Photos shot with a mobile phone camera.  Special effects and compiled images are allowed.  We rely on the honor system so if you didn’t shoot it with a mobile phone please don’t submit it to this category.

Novices OnlyPhotos taken by photographers who are working on developing their skills and want the opportunity to compete with others at their level.  Winning a 5% or better award in another category (excluding Instagram & Mobile and Digital Art) will make somebody ineligible for further submissions.  Images will not appear in stock and canvas searches. Accolade for top contributor of the year in Novices only category will make somebody ineligible for further submissions.

Content Categories

AbstractThese are photos that don’t have a clearly definable subject or scene. Waterdrops on unnatural objects and waterdrop splashes can also be put here.  Subcategories: Macro; Patterns; Light Painting; Waterdrops & Splashes; Fire & Fireworks

AnimalsPhotos of any type of animals except dogs and cats.  This includes true Wildlife as well as Zoo animals and captive animals.  Subcategories:   Amphibians; Fish; Sea Creatures; Reptiles; Horses; Spiders & Insects; Birds; Lions, Tigers & Big Cats; Other; Other Mammals

Animals – CatsPhotos of domestic cats (no Lions, Tigers etc.).  Subcategories: Portraits; Playing; Kittens

Animals – DogsPhotos of domesticated dogs (leave your coyotes and wolfs out of here).  Subcategories: Portraits; Running; Playing; Puppies

Artistic Objects –  Here’s where you put all of those shots of man made objects of all types from coffee mugs to violins, and all types of educational, business, industrial and technology related objects including products, machines, computers.  Natural objects modified from their natural form can also be placed here.  The still life subcategory can be used when there are two or more objects in an unnatural setting as the subject.  Subcategories: Musical Instruments; Glass; Antiques; Clothing & Accessories; Jewelery; Toys; Still Life; Business Objects; Technology Objects; Education Objects; Industrial Objects; Healthcare Objects; Other Objects; Cups, Plates & Utensils; Furniture

Babies & ChildrenAll photos of babies or children under the age of 16 without parents/adults. Nudity rules: Babies below 2 years – bottoms allowed, exposed genitals are forbidden, Children (2-18 years) – No nudity allowed. If an adult is one of the subjects of the photo it should be submitted under People category. Subcategories: Babies; Toddlers; Child Portraits; Children Candids; Hands & Feet

Black & White – Here’s a place for just black & white photos of any sort (slight color tints are OK too). Note that you can include a Black& White version of a color photo from another category here without violating the “very similar image” rule. A black and white work toned entirely in a single color belong in black and white category, however a black and white work modified by a partial toning or by the addition of one color becomes a color work and can not be placed in black and white category. Nudity and Digital art images are  NOT allowed in Black and White category.

Buildings & ArchitecturePhotos of interiors and exteriors of buildings.  Subcategories: Statues & Monuments; Bridges & Suspended Structures; Office Buildings & Hotels; Homes; Places of Worship; Architectural Detail; Public & Historical; Other Exterior; Other Interior

City,  Street & Park – Photos taken of cities and towns where the subject is the scene rather than the people.  Subcategories: Skylines; Street scenes; Markets & Shops; City Parks; Historic Districts; Neighborhoods; Night; Amusement Parks; Fountains; Cemeteries; Vistas

Digital ArtThis includes photo montages, fantasy scenes, constructed landscapes, artificial scenes and any photo compilation that is surreal or unreal.  If it isn’t even trying to look real – put it here.  IMPORTANT: all components must be your creations.  NO STOCK PHOTOS.   Subcategories: People; Places; Things; Abstract; Animals

Flowers  – Put your photos of flowers here. Subcategories: Flower Arangements; Flowers in the Wild; Flower Gardens; Flower Buds, Tree Blossoms; Single Flower

Food & Drink  – If you can eat it or drink it put it here.  Also if photos is of the preparation of food and drink. Subcategories: Alcohol & Drinks; Eating; Cooking & Baking; Fruits & Vegetables; Plated Food; Ingredients; Candy & Dessert; Meets & Cheeses

LandscapePhotos where the natural scenery is a subject.  If the subject is anything other than a natural scene (e.g. a city, a building, a person, an animal, a natural or man-made object) – don’t put it here. City, building, person, animal, natural or man-made object can be object in landscape photography that adds interest to the scene, but it must cover less then 20% of photo and must not dominate the landscape.Subcategories: Beaches; Mountains & Hills; Deserts; Weather; Prairies, Meadows & Fields; Underwater; Forests; Starcapes; Waterscapes; Cloud Formations; Sunsets & Sunrises; Caves and Formations; Travel

Nature Up ClosePhotos of plants, trees and other natural objects. Waterdrops on natural object or plant parts also belong here if the subject is waterdrop rather then object it is on. Natural objects modified from their natural form can be submitted in Artistic objects category. Don’t put landscapes or flowers here! If it’s not a close up chances are it belongs in landscapes.  Subcategories: Mushrooms & Fungi, Trees & Bushes, Sand, Rock & Stone, Water, Leaves & Grasses, Gardens & Produce, Webs, Hives & Nests, Other plants, Other natural objects, Natural Waterdrops

Nudes & BoudoirPhotos that contain nudity or are provocative in nature should placed here.  Nudity is NOT allowed in any other photography category (except for Digital art but it must me marked “mature content”). Youth – must be over 18 years for nudity to be allowed. Exposed genitals are forbidden. Subcategories: Artistic Nudes; Boudoir

PeoplePhotos where the subject is an adult or multiple people (including an adult with children).  Photos of families are welcome here.  Photos that include only children (under 16) should be placed in the “Babies & Children” category.  Subcategories: Portraits of Women, Portraits of Men, Couples; Family; Group & Corporate; Maternity; Body Parts; Musicians & Entertainers; Body Art/Tattoos; Street & Candids; Professional People; Fashion

Public HolidaysPhotos of scenes, people, products or objects that have a public, national and religious holiday theme.  Note that this is not a category for vacation/travel photos. Subcategories: Christmas; Easter; Halloween; Thanksgiving; New Year’s Eve; Valentines Day; July 4th

Sports & FitnessImagery of sports (both people and objects).  This category is focused on “timeless” shots to be used for art and stock.  Newsworthy images should be placed in “News & Events”.  Subcategories include all major sports (and some minor ones too).

Transportation– Imagery where the subject is a transportation device or means of transportation.  If the subject is a person, landscape or other natural object – place it somewhere else.  Subcategories include: Bicycles; Motorcycles; Boats; Airplanes; Helicopters; Automobiles; Trains; Railway Tracks; Roads; Other

WeddingPhotos of weddings sessions.  Please sub-categorize all simulated weddings related shots into People category “Fashion” Subcategory. Subcategories include: Getting Ready; Reception; Ceremony; Bride; Details; Groom; Bride & Groom; Groups; Other

Photography Photoshop/Post Processing Rules

In an effort to find the best, and most striking imagery, extensive use of Photoshop or other post processing techniques (including filters and blurred backgrounds) is allowed in all categories.  However images that look like “digital art” rather than photography should be categorized as such. Filters and post-processing techniques can’t be so heavy that image looks like painting, details need to be clear for image not to be recategorized to Digital art category.


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