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2014 Award Season is Here!

Annual Awards and Top 20 Photographers for 2014!

We will announce the Top 20 Photographers of 2014 Awards in mid-January 2014 for each Pixoto category.  Here are the details:

  • As so many have requested, this year the Top Photographers will be selected from the highest point earners for each category in 2014.
  • Winners will receive a special badge prominently placed on their profile page.
  • Categories that have less than 1000 images will not be included.
  • We will publicize through a press-release, direct email, social media, a banner in the sidebar and through a dedicated section of the site accessible from the header.

Schedule for awards is as follows:

15-Jan Thu Transportation
 16-Jan Fri Typography
17-Jan Sat Nudes & Boudoir
18-Jan Sun
19-Jan Mon People
20-Jan Tue Animals – Dogs; Animals – Cats
21-Jan Wed Weekly Awards
22-Jan Thu Instagram & Mobile; Novices Only
23-Jan Fri Illustration
24-Jan Sat News & Events
25-Jan Sun Food & Drink; Abstract
26-Jan Mon Animals
27-Jan Tue City, Street & Park
28-Jan Wed Weekly Awards
29-Jan Thu Artistic Objects
30-Jan Fri Sports & Fitness
31-Jan Sat Drawing
01-Feb Sun Nature Up Close
02-Feb Mon Digital Art; Wedding
03-Feb Tue Buildings & Architecture
04-Feb Wed Weekly Awards
05-Feb Thu Flowers
06-Feb Fri Painting
07-Feb Sat Public Holidays
08-Feb Sun Black & White
09-Feb Mon Babies & Children
10-Feb Tues Landscapes