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NEW: Submit Images to Pixoto without Categorizing

It’s now easier than ever to submit photos to Pixoto because you don’t have to spend hours using tedious drop downs to get them in the right categories and subcategories.  Now you can just click publish immediately after uploading and your images will automatically be added to the “Uncategorized” category and submitted for voting.  This is a great way to get a quick read on what Pixoto voters think of your images.  It’s also a great way to upload a large catalog of images to make them available in the Pixoto market.  All of your embedded titles and keywords will be automatically added to your images as usual.

We love having all of the images on Pixoto categorized.  It makes it easy to find the photography that you’re interested in and we believe that the voting is more accurate that way.  That said the single biggest obstacle for people to upload photos is the amount of time it takes to type, categorize and subcategorize each one.  Furthermore successful mutli-subject categories like Black & White have shown us that we can get great photographic diversity and bring amazing photos to the top of the leaderboard in mixed subject categories.

Pixoto moderators will go through the best of the Uncategorized images and assign search terms/keywords so that they will appear in the correct stock and art shop searches.

Uncategorized images will get paused a bit earlier than categorized images and they won’t get the extra votes assigned to images submitted by PRO members.  We believe it is likely that the overall quality of Uncategorized images will be lower than that of more carefully considered submissions.  As such we don’t want to end up with ImageDuel getting flooded with thousands of poor quality images and degrading the voting experience.  Our goal is to make sure that poor quality images get paused as soon as possible.  We’ll monitor this and will make any changes necessary to keep voting on Pixoto fun and interesting.

For more information on the Uncategorized category see Category Descriptions

So what are you waiting for? Go through your back catalog, choose a few hundred (or thousand) images and try them out.  You may find some crowd pleasing gems you didn’t even know you had.

Happy Shooting!