What to do if your image gets paused

If your image isn’t trending toward the top 20% for the week our system will “Pause” it – meaning it is unlikely to get any more duels.  This can happen in as little as 6 duels or as many as 30.  We hate doing this but we have to because we need to make sure there are enough votes on the leading images to find the winners.


If you don’t think your score accurately reflects the quality of your image (who knows – the voters may have been crabby) there are a couple things you can do about it:

  • “Get more votes” – click on the play button below the image and for 5 credits you’ll get at least 3 more duels on your image.  If your image moves above the required ImageScore to keep it playing after the three duels – your image will remain unpaused.
  • “Resubmit” – on the image detail page you’ll see this option.  Try this if your image got off to a bad start – it’s 10 credits and is just like reuploading your image (but faster).  But watch out – you’ll lose any awards you’ve won on the image.
  • Sign-up for a PRO free trial – you’ll get at least 100 images duels per image and they will never be paused.

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