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Top 20 Photographers of 2013

NOTE: Due to technical issues with our ISP we have had to change the award schedule. 

Are you one of the Top 20 Photographers in the World for 2013?

We will announce the Top 20 Photographers of 2013 Awards in mid-January 2014 for each Pixoto category.  Here are the details:

  • The winners of the awards will be based on the average ImageScore of your best 10 images submitted in the category during 2013.
  • You must have submitted 10 images to a category to qualify.  We want to make sure the Top Photographers have consistently great images – not just a few lucky shots.
  • Winners will receive a special badge prominently placed on their profile page and an embeddable widget for their personal websites.
  • We will publicize through a press-release, direct email, social media, a banner in the sidebar and through a dedicated section of the site accessible from the header.
  • We are not using Pixoto Points for this purpose because they tend to favor early adopters and we want everybody to be on a level playing field.

Note: Categories that have less than 750 total participants do not receive The Photographer of the year awards.

Schedule for awards is as follows:

11-Jan Sat News & Events
13-Jan Mon Monthly
14-Jan Tue
15-Jan Wed Weekly
16-Jan Thu Babies & Children; Abstract
17-Jan Fri Holidays
18-Jan Sat Illustration and Design; Traditional; Captioned Photos
19-Jan Sun City,  Street & Park
20-Jan Mon Animals
21-Jan Tue Animals – Dogs; Animals – Cats
22-Jan Wed Weekly
23-Jan Thu People
24-Jan Fri
25-Jan Sat
26-Jan Sun
27-Jan Mon Artistic Objects
28-Jan Tue Instagram & Mobile; Digital Art; Nudes and Boudoir
29-Jan Wed Weekly
30-Jan Thu Transportation; Novices Only; Professional People
31-Jan Fri Travel Locations
1-Feb Sat Wedding
2-Feb Sun Buildings & Architecture
3-Feb Mon Nature Up Close
4-Feb Tues Food & Drink; Sports & Fitness; Products & Objects
5-Feb Wed Weekly
6-Feb Thurs Landscapes