Don’t have $6.5 Million for Peter Lik’s “Phantom” – we’ve got you covered

We were all astounded by the news that Peter Lik’s “Phantom”, a black and white photo of Antelope Valley in Arizona, sold for a record $6.5 million.  We applaud Mr. Lik for this monumental feat and for the credibility it brings to photography as an art form.  For the rest of us who don’t happen to have $6.5 million lying around but would like to have the pleasure of viewing Antelope Canyon on a daily basis our fellow Pixoto members have the answer.  Here are 3 exceptional takes on the iconic location – and there’s still time to order amazing canvas prints for the holidays!

“Navajo Ghost” by David Long  [BUY]

“Lady in the Wind” by Stephen Berry  [BUY]

Light Dance by Flavio Mini  [BUY]

There are hundreds more for sale in our art shop!

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