Pixoto Announces the Best Wedding Photographers of 2011


Pixoto Announces the Best Wedding Photographers of 2011

Thousands of wedding photographers from around the world have participated in Pixoto’s photography contests

Boulder, CO, January 16th 2012:  Red-hot photography start-up Pixoto, Inc. announced today its list of the Best Wedding Photographers of 2011.  Using its database of over 200,000 images submitted to its contests last year, and the more than 10 million votes cast by its members, Pixoto has named the photographers that its users thought had the most stunning wedding photography overall.  In addition Pixoto has given awards to the best wedding photos of 2011.

Ante Gašpar, from Croatia, with her perfectly lit dramatic scenes was awarded the top spot.  Los Angeles based celebrity wedding photographer Robert Evans, who photographed Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise’s wedding as well Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt’s, ranked number two and took home the award for Best Wedding Photo of 2011.  Australians Darrin James and Kira Likhterkova and Canadian Brent Foster rounded out the top five.   For a complete list see:  http://www.pixoto.com/players-photography/wedding/best-of-2011

After launching its Beta in August of last year, Pixoto has quickly become the definitive international photography contest on the web.  Pixoto uses a proprietary voting system, called ImageDuel ™, that eliminates the voter bias and fraud that is typical of internet-based voting systems.  Each user only gets to vote on an image once and the top images all get more than 200 votes each guaranteeing a fair fight.  The resulting data from the 10 million votes cast so far on Pixoto is crunched and turned into ImageScores – the higher the score the better the image.  Pixoto averaged the ImageScores of each photographer’s best images to determine the winners. 

The 2011 winners of Pixoto’s other 14 categories will be announced over the next two weeks.

“We’ve been so amazed by the response we’ve had to our contests – with thousands of images now pouring in on a daily basis” said Jason Kiefer the company’s Co-Founder & CEO, and an industry veteran who also founded Pictage, Inc.  “And now, with our Best of 2011 lists, we’re truly excited to be able to give these terrific photographers more of the attention they deserve.”

About Pixoto:  Founded in 2011 in Boulder, CO, Pixoto is a rapidly growing online photography community and contest that boasts over 25,000 members in 150 countries.  Pixoto creates leaderboards of the best photos in the world by using its proprietary ImageDuel voting system to aggregate millions of individual preferences. 


If you would like more information or would like to schedule an interview with Jason Kiefer, please call Pixoto at (720) 443-1001 – or email him at jason.kiefer@pixoto.com.


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