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We are so excited to announce the immediate availability of Pixoto Canvas!  We’ve partnered with an amazing new canvas manufacturer that provides museum quality canvas gallery wraps and easel backed desk canvases at a price that is… in a word… incredible.  Your Pixoto Portfolio can now be enabled as an instant art shop where visitors can purchase your work for their walls and you keep the majority of the profits.

Buy at wholesale:

You can now buy canvases at ludicrously low wholesale prices from any image you post.  Don’t want to submit your image to our contests – no problem – canvases can be ordered right from the upload page.

Did we mention the price?  We’re talking one fifth the price of most of the big manufacturers (yes that’s 80% off).    These canvases are priced so well that you’ll be able to have a whole collection for your home or office that you switch out on a whim.

Sell at Retail

Your Pixoto profile is now an instant canvas shop.  Just click the “add to market” button when you’re uploading an image (or click on the edit button from the image detail page) and we’ll make your image available in the Pixoto Market and available for purchase from your profile page.  You can set your retail markup on your my account page (the default is 50%) which will price your canvas at a fixed percentage above our wholesale price.  You keep 70% of the net proceeds.

Example: a 24×36 canvas sells at wholesale for $59.99 at a 50% markup will be $89.98 at retail and your commission would be: $21.00.  The same canvas marked up at 200% would sell for $179.96 and yield a commission to you of $83.98.

Canvas and/or Stock: Set Your Market Defaults

By default every image you add to the Pixoto Market is available for Stock and Canvas.  If you want to offer your images only as canvas (or vice versa) adjust your defaults on your my account page.


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