Earn cash from your photos: Announcing Pixoto Stock

We are excited today to announce the immediate availability of the Content Aggregation Phase of Pixoto Stock.  Pixoto members now have the potential of earning money from their photos by simply checking a “License for Stock” box when uploading them to Pixoto.  Pixoto members will earn a fee when designers, editors and marketers purchase and download their photos for use in their editorial and commercial works.

Pixoto Stock, through the use of our proprietary ImageDuel voting system, will revolutionize micro-stock licensing for images.  Pixoto’s ability to rank every image submitted by quality gives us, and our members, four key advantages over traditional stock sites:

  1. Crowd Validated: With the average top ranked image on Pixoto being voted on by over 100 unique people buyers can be 100% confident that people love the photo
  2. Faster Search:  With Pixoto the best images will show up first in every search result eliminating hours of paging through mediocre images to find what you are looking for
  3. Fresher Images:  An amazing stock photo submitted today will be on the top of the search results tomorrow
  4. More variety:  Anybody can be a stock photographer with Pixoto because the best images will always rise to the top so we can source from a much broader audience

We have spent the past year focusing on building the world’s first scalable crowd sourced photo ranking system that minimizes the individual biases of voters and eliminates cheating.  With over one million images ranked we feel we are finally ready to turn our focus from providing our members valuable feedback on their images to helping them making money from them.

Over the next month we will be focused on adding licensable photos to our collection so that when we launch Pixoto Stock to buyers in October we will already have a robust catalog in place.

From the moment we launched Pixoto people have been asking for the ability to license the amazing imagery of Pixoto members.  The wait is almost over.

You can learn more about Pixoto Stock, and how to become a contributor, by visiting our contributor information site.

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