ImageDuel Preloading is LIVE!

Since the beginning of time (well of Pixoto anyway) we’ve known the best way to handle the transitions in ImageDuel was to preload the next set of images while you were deciding on the first.  This would dramatically speed up the duel process and create a far better user experience.  Unfortunately it also turned out to be really, really hard.  Now Scott (our CTO) is, quite simply, one of the best programmers on the planet and if anybody could make it work – he could.  We know it sounds simple – but given all sorts of challenges like session data, race conditions and an iterating algorithm – it really isn’t.  But he has persisted and after months of putting up with the dreaded spinning wheel:

ImageDuel Preloading is LIVE!

We hope you enjoy the new ImageDuel just that much more – and we congratulate Scott on a job well done.

Keep in mind if you choose images too fast you’ll still see the wheel – so pace yourself and really critique the images in front of you.


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