Weekly Challenge #14: Clocks

This week tell a story about a person and time.  Is it that you’re running late or have all the time in the world? Are you bored or have too much to do?  Let’s see your concepts!

The image must be portait of a person with a clock.  The clock must have 2 hands and not be a digital clock.

Make sure to give your photo a title to help everyone understand your concept.

The clock is ticking you have until July 21st to enter!  See the rules for complete details.


SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Saturday, July 21st at Midnight GMT

To enter:

  1. Submit a new photo under:  Portrait & People (any subcategory) 
  2. Tag the image with “PWCclocks”

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  • Top Entry will win a year of Pixoto Pro
  • Winners will get Award Badges, 1000 Points plus 1,000 credits for future image submission
  • A blog post will highlight the winners


  • This must be a portrait of a person and the image must contain an analog clock with at least 2 hands.
  • Image must be properly categorized as Portrait & People.  Any subcategory is acceptable. 
  • Wrist watches, clock towers, alarm clocks, and coo-coo clocks are all acceptable.
  • Not acceptable: Digital clocks, sun dials, and pendulums will be disqualified.
  • Give your photo a title to describe your concept.  Having a title will help the community understand the idea you are trying to convey.
  • Image quality (through ImageDuel) will determine the winner.  In other words… the better image will determine the winner not the better concept.
  • Significant post-processing allowed but images must follow Photoshop rule (see “Pixoto Contest rules”)
  • Enter as many images as you like – only highest scoring one will be chosen for top 10 winners.
  • Images must be submitted/resubmitted during the week
  • Images must be tagged “PWCclocks”
  • You may resubmit an image already on Pixoto, but please be aware that ImageScore, awards and points for the image will be reset upon resubmission
  • Duplicates of previously uploaded, and not deleted, Pixoto submissions will be removed.
  • Due to the popularity of weekly challenges, we will only be disqualifying images that do not fit the challenge but do fit the category with an image score below 500
  • Be true to the category:  Images in the wrong category will be recategorized and disqualified.
  • Entries that do not comply with the above rules will be disqualified (a PWCclocks-dq will be placed on the image).


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