Gary Fong’s Lightsphere Photo Contest – $1,000 Grand Prize

We are really excited about our new co-branded contest functionality and our partnership with Gary Fong to power his Lightsphere photo contest.  Gary is trying to find the best images produced using a Lightsphere (his best selling collection of flash diffusers) and we are managing the contest for him from start to finish including image submission, voting and assignment of awards.  The contest will work just like any of our weekly contests except that submissions will have to come through a custom submission page and can be in any category on Pixoto.

When Gary suggested that we run a photo contest for him I immediately knew that he was on to something big.  Photo contests are an amazing way for brands to connect with their customers and create engagement, but they are also immensely time consuming to manage.  Our ImageDuel™ system solves all of that by turning image selection over to the community in a way that can’t be gamed.

If all goes well with Gary’s contest we hope to host many more for a variety of companies.

While we know that this contest won’t be relevant to many of our members, if you happen to have a lightsphere you should check it out.  You never know, $1000 could be yours.

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