We know Pixoto is fun – but can it help your business?

Of course the answer to the above is “YES” — in so many ways! Pixoto helps you by enhancing skills, understanding how your photography is viewed, offering validation for prospective clients, enhancing self-confidence, exposing your work to more people, etc. etc.  But how about enhancing your Google credibility?

We just did a study:  We took 333 Players who had won at least 1 award on Pixoto and ran a Google search for their names.  We then recorded the placement of their Pixoto profile page in the search results.  What we found surprised us — especially since we haven’t even started to focus on SEO yet:

51% of the time the Player’s profile appeared in the top 5 results.  20% of the time it was the #1 result!

Prospective clients will usually Google you before hiring you.  And when they do, Pixoto provides you with a nice place for them to land.  A place where your work has been evaluated by your peers and deemed worthy.

Don’t take our word for it.  Go Google yourself!


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