No more ties!

We’ve gotten some pretty consistent feedback from our users that they don’t like the “It’s a tie” button in ImageDuel. They have also told us that they want the ability to skip image pairs that they don’t feel qualified, or interested, in voting on. Unfortunately we also came to the realization that people were actually using the former to accomplish the latter and this wasn’t good for the consistency of our ratings.

So as of now you can’t choose “It’s a tie” but you can refuse to vote on the images by pressing skip.

This will also help alleviate the problem where two images of inferior quality were paired together. Previously you’d have to vote tie or choose a winner and that will increase the ImageScore of one or both of the images. Now, if you choose skip, the chances are in the next pairing it will be a different set of image and there will be a clear winner. So for now go ahead and skip image pairs where both are of inferior quality (or where you can’t decide).

We’re interested in your feedback so feel free to comment below.


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